About Us


We honor the human spirit in every individual and are passionate about giving the highest quality of life to those who have given to us for generations. This means we uphold a 24/7 quality of life philosophy.

That’s why “whatever it takes” is more than just a phrase. It’s our mantra for service. Every decision in our communities—from extended dining hours…to evening and weekend activities…to an extended management schedule—adds to the level of excellence you expect for a harmonious transition to this next phase in life.

What’s more, our integrated technology solution simplifies the maze of care management. Residents and family members appreciate the worry-free communications that complement our unified approach.

Perhaps the most pleasing feature of all is the seamless transfer of local landmarks and geographical namesakes to every Concordis community. Residents here enjoy the familiar names, comforting surroundings and simpler, more customized experiences.



Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Having determination, conviction and love for what you do, even when it gets difficult.


To foster initiative and independent thinking to act on issues that are important to our residents, families, team members and company.


An individual commitment and a conscious effort to provide communication and support to team members in an effort to solve issues and work together for a common goal.

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